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What is St. Mark Festival?
St. Mark Festival is an initiative by the Coptic Orthodox Church, under the leadership of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, and was established by the late His Holiness Pope Shenouda III. It started in Egypt first, then churches in the USA and Canada started participating in 2009, with other countries participating later. Activities include:

  • Study of Spiritual subjects and get tested on them​

  • ​Spiritual competition among the Coptic Churches

  • Competitions in soccer, basketball, computer, research, hymns, etc.


​Purpose of the Festival

  • To bring unity as all the members of the Coptic Church are doing the same activity all over the world

  • To bring Spiritual benefits through learning about the church: Bible Study, Church History, Dogma, Rituals and lives of Saints; as well as learning the Coptic language and church hymns

The Festival's vision was set by His Grace Bishop Moussa, Bishop of the youth. Its aim is "the church unity and growth together in fellowship with one another as the body of Christ." As His Grace was quoted: "The church is aiming to bring her children closer, the close ones to be grafted, the grafted to grow, the grown to serve and the servants to grow continually."


 ANTHEM Be Faithful

(God wants us to be always faithful,
He came to us and showed the way,
Firm in faith and in church graceful,
Living His words everyday)

(We praise Him with all our senses,
Focus on the eternal goal,
Partake of the sacraments,
Giving life to our souls)

We hold on to our Lord's promise,
He will give us the crown of life


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